• Rahul Prabhune

Project Documentation add-in on office store

Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Easy, effective and efficient way to document your work inside SharePoint!

Are you looking for an application which help you create documents real quick and empowers your team members to work on different sections of the document at the same time and have a discussion around it? PD not only empowers users with its own rich set of features but also enable users to leverage all of SharePoint document library features too.

Important - PD is not going to talk to any external service and only needs read permission to access basic information of your SharePoint site. From security prospect, PD is completely isolated and can be used both in Office 365 and on premise environments.

Below are the major features this application provides:

  1. Customize the look of the application as per your site's branding to provide continuous user interface.

  2. Manage user permissions at granular level for application, projects and documents.

  3. For uploaded documents, get workflow notifications on the fly, provided your custom/OOB workflow is associated with project’s document library.

  4. Save time and collaborate within teams to create documents using below features:

  • Save document as template and add these template's sections on the fly while creating new project documents.

  • Enables multiple users to work on the document with check-in check-out feature for each section.

  • Enables user to publish/unpublish a section of the document which keeps that section in draft mode, hidden from other users.

  • Enables user to freeze/unfreeze a section the document which makes that section read only for other users.

  • Enable users to collaborate by registering their comments and change requests against each section.

  • Reorders projects and sections with drag and drop functionality.

  • Get the created and modified date time and user name for each section of the document.

  • Read and print mode is available which also enable users to copy this web based document into MS Office Word for further use.

Note: PD is user friendly and no separate training is required provided you has basic end user knowledge on SharePoint.