• Rahul Prabhune

Improve SharePoint Governance

Governance is an infinite process of control and a strategy of what, when and how to change. Governance is not just a document lying around in your organization but is a strategy to understand current system status and accordingly plan improvements by setting the limits for change, so that you improve within your scope. Governance strategy and plan is unique for every organization, for every SharePoint site and its components or applications. For example, your intranet home page which is available for everyone in your organization is more tightly governed then one of your team site. Here are top 10 tips to improve SharePoint governance in your organization.

  • Planning lifecycle of information is critical to avoid user access to expired content, documents and websites through navigation or search results.

  • Training and educating business users on SharePoint and its best practices would help them manage their own websites.

  • Maintaining user permissions and groups on SharePoint sites is challenging especially if you are breaking permission’s inheritance to manage confidential content.

  • Information architecture is crucial part of planning site’s taxonomy where understanding both business and SharePoint becomes necessary.

  • Document management governance can be achieved by leveraging features like require check-in check-out, versioning, and retention policy and document approval workflow.

  • SharePoint has powerful features like RSS feeds, alerts and audit logs to track changes made to critical contents within your site.

  • Farm level settings and custom applications must follow best practices and should have a separate governance document based on your organization’s needs.

  • Policies, roles, responsibilities and processes should be re-evaluated periodically to ensure good health of SharePoint sites.

  • Technical team must identify their governance pain points and present a road map for improvement to the business.

  • Use meaningful metadata wherever possible to make it easier to search for and compare related data or content