• Rahul Prabhune

Advantages of Apps for SharePoint over classic solutions

The most important guidance we can give you is to develop an app for SharePoint rather than a classic solution whenever you can. Apps for SharePoint have the following advantages over classic solutions:

  • They provide users with the easiest discovery, purchase, and installation process.

  • They provide administrators with the safest SharePoint extensions.

  • They provide you with the simplest marketing and sales system based on a Microsoft-provided online app store.

  • They maximize your flexibility in developing future upgrades.

  • They maximize your ability to leverage your existing non-SharePoint programming skills.

  • They integrate cloud-based resources in smoother and more flexible ways.

  • They enable your extension to have permissions that are distinct from the permissions of the user who is running the app.

  • They enable you to use cross-platform standards, including HTML, REST, OData, JavaScript, and OAuth.

  • They enable you to leverage the SharePoint cross-domain JavaScript library to access SharePoint data. Alternatively, you can use a Microsoft-provided secure token service that is OAuth-compliant.

  • They can extend SharePoint Online websites as well as on-premises SharePoint websites.